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TS Dash is currently in Beta Testing.
In the future, beta version will be on a separate beta site. At current time only beta versions are available and are here for download.

The fastest and easiest way to get TS Dash up and going on your Raspberry Pi 3 or 4, is to download the .img below.
A Raspberry Pi 5 image will be available soon.
Use that to create your SD card the same as you would for any typical Raspberry Pi setup.
Note! The 1st boot on this image will take much longer than normal as the image resizes itself to your SD card.
Be patient, the black screen will go away after a couple minutes.
Once booted, make sure to check for updates on the System Page. Due to the size of these images they are not updated with each release.

However, if you are setting up TS Dash on something other than a Raspberry Pi (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), download the .tar.gz or .zip file.
Expand that into a folder on your PC. You will need to install a JRE. JRE 8 or 11 are recommended.
Download one here

Learn more about TS Dash at TS Dash Home

TSDash_v0.9.09.02_Beta.zip - Compressed zip of application 32.56 MBytes
TSDash_v0.9.09.02_Beta.tar.gz - Compressed tar of application 32.79 MBytes
2022-10-19_TSDash_Reference.zip - Compressed zip of application 2575.03 MBytes
2022-10-19_TSDash_Reference.img.gz - Compressed SD Image File for faster download. 2608.23 MBytes

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